Myth retake (apparently, some people dont like my Myths)

Most people think the the sun and moon are completely different. And they are. But despite their differences, they were siblings and good friends many years ago. Mother Earth and father time were their parents. They raised, loved, and encouraged them to do many extracurricular activities. As the sun and moon grew older, they yearned for money to spend on a new video game. After their father and mother said no, they tried later to take money from mother Earth’s purse. They were caught red handed with a twenty in their hands. Furious, mother earth banished from the planet immediately with no argument. They stayed in space for a long time, waiting for their mother to forgive them. She never did. Maybe one day she will. (2012)

Question of the post: Does the set of all sets contain itself?

A tale as old as rhime!* (wait, wrong lyrics)

One day Chuck Noris was walking throught the Savanah. Zues had told him just that he would never be a god.  He was so mad he was punching and killing everything he saw near him. Pretty soo, he got tired of everything dieing so quickly. So, he put on a foam punching glove and returned to the Savanah. He soon stumbled upon a group of horses. He punched one of them in the chin and the horse did not no die, but was horribly disfigured. He turned to another Horse. It was so scared that it turned parshally white from its original ivory state. And that is how we have Zebras and Giraffs.

*If you got the “Tale as Old as Rhime ” joke, than please comment. And yes, this is an original myth, not another chuck Noris Joke.

Pie= yum!

It’s pie day everybody!  In spirit of things, here is a few interesting fact about pie. Did you know that nobody knows if pie is really infinite? With the information they have, computers can estimate that pie has 7 trillion digits! They think pie may eventually end. I’d rather try not to find out.

Chat Room!!!

Yes, that’s right. I’m starting a chat room. Its to insure that people can all talk to each other at the same page, rather than just on random posts. I’d like most comments to be on this page.  So… start off this project of mine, here are a few topic you can talk about.

Blog Posts-food-school activities-something that happened in school-phones-video games- sports-trombones– blogs–Justin Beiber  schoolwork- people-pens-stairs- The English teacher-projects- Computers- Trombones-nerf. Anything else should not be commented on this blog. By the way, do NOT comment about the game. I already went over why……bye!

King vs. Nelson

Martin Luther king and Nelson have a wide variety of words they use when they speak. King’s words are similar to those of a preacher; powerful ands moving. His speech’s vocabulary also makes us assumehe knows what he’s saying. Nelson’s words are also moving, powerful, and have a high vocabulary. However, Nelson uses a type of common language that sounds like he’s thought about what he’s saying for a long time.

King and Nelson were both believers in the same thing; eliminating racial segregation. This belief led to similar, but not necessarilythe same, struggles. They both had to deal with the government getting in the way of their plans, but their results in this struggle were different. King protested until He won his freedom while Nelson protested and was thrown in jail for several years, which was a struggle in itself. They also both had to find a way to get people to follow them in their believes.  King wrote a poem that convinced the government to vote on the issue while Nelson ran for president so people would vote for him. Nelson also encouraged the rugby team to win the world cup while King used the bible as evidencethat what the government was doing was wrong. Both of these struggles were influenced by how bad government was at the time; Nelson’s country was had less right then King’s country, which led to his arrest. Overall, a similar belief led to similar but not equal struggles for freedom.

Invictus is a poem that has enormous grasp on life. It basically states that no matter how bad a scenario is in your life, you cannot blame it on luck or fate. You have the power to get past the problem. You have the power to make it work. You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul. This relates to Mandela when he is trapped in a prison for so long. He could of left that prison a broken man, but came out a hero and mastered his fate. He became president and encouraged his nation to win the rugby world cup. Invictus was, therefore, the perfect title for the movie about Nelson.

A herois someone who stands in the face of injustice and/or does what they believe in despite what could happen to them/someone or a society they care about. King Arthur and Nelson share these characteristics. ( I think I NAILED this one!!!)

In my mind, I think Barack Obama is a hero taday. Dispite the countless number of people that acuse him of all sorts of terrable things, Barack Obama stood up for what he believed in even if something did happen to him or someone he knew. A modern hero is not much differnt than an older one.

Here is something heroic:

Are you tired of my witey titles? (my book part 4)

OK, so I know that you all have been long expecting my conclusion to my novel. To be honest, the boook diddn’t have a predictible ending. The terriorist actually escapes.

It starts off when Magie finds out that the project manager is going to target an airport in Nevada for another bombing. So Magie brings her step-brother, Patrick,  a witness who saw the project manager before, to Nevada for a stakeout. While in the airport, Patrick sports the project manager and begins to follow him, trying to startle. Then the project manager turns a corner and Patrick follows. Patrick then is pinned and hancuffed by the project manager. The project manager manages to make it look like he has placed a bomb on Patrick and manages to escape swat by thretening to detinate it.

To be frank,(if you know why people say “to be Frank” comment below”) the book was good. It had a little of everything, I thing sometime i might read another Magie O’Dell novel.

Epic-(“e”-pik)-adjetive-Singular-1. A word that discribes my book (part 3)

OK, so I found a few more interesting things about my book.

I’m sure that this book has the longest intro in the history of all books. I’m halfway though the book and i’m still on the intro! The books is only starting to get to the mystery part. I think it has to do with the fact that one chapter is 3 pages long and every chapter the author changes perspective. And don’t even get me started with character developement! Theres so many details in this book that sometimes I have re-read a chapter just to make sure I diddn’t miss anything important that might pop up later.

Now to the important things. Magie so far is trying to figure the purpose and motive of the explosion. She has some video evidence, but its very blury and hard to read. Its looks like the bombers don’t have any idea that their life is about to end. little does Magie know that her hypothesis is correct. The bombers were tricked into carring backpack around the mall without suspision that their life would end. I have no idea what will happen in the next 150 pages. Till next time!

my EPIC book of EPICNESS! (Part 2)

As previously explained, this book is Epic. Its a perfect combination of action and mystery. It’s hard to believe that only after reading 75 of the 300 pages, someone has already attemped to kill someone with a needle! I’m sure there is more to come. Right now in the book, the main character, Magie O’Dell, is traveling to Mall of America where 3 bombes were detinated.  What Magie does NOT know is that the terriorists know that Patrick(her brother)and two of his friends, Rebecca and Dixon, who knew important details about the Bombes are alive. One of the terriorist had already tried to kill Rebecca, but she out-ran him in the crowds of the mall and made it to paramedics. One thing I wonder is if these people will live to see twomorrow?

Anyway, thats whats happening now in my book. What also intreges me about this book is the writing.

Black Friday I have found is not a elementrary nor middle school book. Alex Kava is very discriptive and uses big(but not Sherlock Holmes big) words. Also, if you name any curse word, this book will have it(I don’t like it because of that, I just thought it would be useful to know) I have noticed that the terriorists curse much more than any of the other characters.

By the way, the climax of this book is Man vs. Man(meaning goods guys vs. bad guys). ASlo, this is not the fist Magie’ODell book Alex Kava has writen. If you want to read others, feel free.

My book! (part 1)

So far, the book is great.

The title of my book is Black Friday, which I have figured  has two meanings: The first meaning indicates that the book takes place on Black Friday, but the second meaning means that the Friday is black with smoke from bombes. You see, Black Friday is about terriorists handing out backpacks to civilians to suposedly, slow down shopping trafic in Mall of America, the biggest mall in the U.S. What the civilias don’t know is that IN the backpackes are explosives ready to be detinated by the terriorists. To solve the case of Whodoneit, Magie O’dell is on the trail.

Some of the people in the book intrege me. The list below shows the major/Minor charisters(WOW, I can’t believe I can’t spell the word!)

1. Magie O’Dell: A profiler for the FBI.  

2Rebeca: A Woman involved in one the “Backback Bombes”

3.  Patrick: A friend of Rebeca who is also involved in the bombes.

4. Dixon: Friends of Patric and Magie. He was one of the carriers of the bombs, but left the backpack before the explosion.

5.Gwen: Maggie’s best friend/co worker.

6: The project Manager: A mysterious terriorist who is in charge of the bombings.

7.Asante: a terriorist who wroks for The Project Manager.

One thing I found interesting about the book is that it changes perspective between the groups of people: Magie O’Dell, Rebeca Patric and Dixon, and the terriorists. This is interesting because I like to read what was going through the criminals mind as they did the crime, along with what they did to prevent themselves from getting caught.

WOW that was boring.

My Book Auther

The auther of Black Friday was writen by Alex Kava, who writes a series of mystery-action book. Before writing her novels as a career, Alex spent 15 year in advertising, marketing, and public relations for other buisnesses. Her six novels have been published in 20 differen’t contries. Her books have also been best sellers in The USA today, New York Times, and even the U.K. Alex is a member of the sisters of crime, which is a group of mystery-action writers. When she is not writing books, Alex is relaxing in one of her homes in Nebraska, Omaha, and Pensacola. She even has her own website at

The book I'm reading The book I’m reading